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Rob Auton. The Sky Show

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2013, 15:21
by robertauton
The Venue
The Banshee Labyrinth is the 'most haunted' heavy metal pub in Edinburgh with rooms where PBH shows take place. It is close to the Royal Mile. A great venue with good ghosts, burgers and Nachos.

The Performance Area
I was in the Banqueting Hall which is about 40 capacity I think. It is a good space to stage an intimate show. You can get close to the audience.

The Staff
The staff were always friendly and helpful, it was good to build up a relationship with them over the course of the month.

How You Advertised Your Show
I went flyering before the show but I think most people came because of the listings in the brochures.

Audience Numbers
Audience numbers were good thoughout really, weekends were busy and Tuesdays were more difficult.

Your Show
I got some reviews, some had stars, one had less stars, but I enjoyed doing it.

I had merchandise for sale and this can help with the bucket. I tried not to beg too much. If people didn't enjoy it, they will hate you more for begging for money at the end of what is meant to be a free show.

Technical set up at the venue
This was all good, microphone, speakers, lights and an I pod cable. It would be great if there was a map at the door of where the individual venues are as punters never have an idea of where to go to see the shows.

Admin and Communication process
This went smoothly, the free fringe team and venue captains were brilliant