6pm- Joe Rowntree is a bit of a Character. Cinema Room

6pm- Joe Rowntree is a bit of a Character. Cinema Room

Postby joerowntree » 24 Sep 2013, 17:37

I performed in the Cinema room, had a great run and lots of fun. The venue reminded me of a mini theatre with its big red curtains and perfectly placed proscenium. It seated about 45 people comfortably with a wooden panel for punters to put their drinks on. It is an ideal room for character shows as it has a small back stage area behind each of the curtains to the left and right to do quick costume changes and hide props throughout the show. Great sound system which I rarely used as the acoustics were so good, a projector & screen and all the best equipment to suit most shows technically. The only minor distraction was that when the room was full it got very very hot, even though they did have a humidifier it couldn’t cope with the amount of people coming in throughout the day. If I was to perform in there again, to make the shows more enjoyable for the audience and performer- it would be sensible for all performers to club together and install an extra fan to make the shows a bit cooler. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They were always willing to help out and on one show when I needed a cable that had broken- they went and found one straight away. I highly recommend this venue to anyone wanting to perform sketch, character and even a play of a cast of about 5- there’s just enough room to hide. Thank you Banshee!
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