6:40pm Gareth Morinan is Playing The Numbers Game

6:40pm Gareth Morinan is Playing The Numbers Game

Postby gareth morinan » 16 Sep 2013, 15:21

- Venue: Lovely pub that is known among locals, and has an open minded clientele who often seemed up for going to see some comedy.
- The performance area: Chamber Room. Nice stage, fantastic tech, you can plug in laptop/ipod at the front of back of the room, decent lighting rig (different washes, different configurations, etc). About 55 capacity.
- Staff at the venue - Always really helpful, couple of times I had tech panics because something seemed to not be working, but someone always sorted it out within 5 minutes, so I never had any tech issues infringing on the show. They were also kind enough to recommend my show to customers.
- Advertiseing - Fringe brochure, posters at the venue, flyering the mile and the courtyard and exit flyering other people's shows.
- Audience - numbers were good, packed at weekends, less during the week, couple of days I had only about 15 or so, but can't complain.
- Show itself - it was good, I liked it.
- Buckets - I did ok on the bucket, it is all about the speech. Also I offered some merchandise for people who gave £5/£10 which helps.
- Admin & Communication - venue captain was a star, we never had any issues.
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