8.30pm Benjamin Partridge: An Audience With Jeff Goldblum

8.30pm Benjamin Partridge: An Audience With Jeff Goldblum

Postby benjaminpartridge » 03 Sep 2013, 20:35

The Venue
The Banshee Labyrinth is a heavy metal/alternative pub with a few separate rooms where the PBH shows take place. It is 1 minute off the Royal Mile.

The Performance Area
I was in the cinema, which is a small cinema room that is completely separate from the main body of the pub and the bar. It is a small room with a cinema screen and projector, with raked seating for 50 people (at a squeeze). It is absolutely perfect for comedy.

The Staff
The staff are very friendly and the manager in particular is always happy to help with any problems. The staff try to collect glasses from the venue between shows, although on Friday and Saturday evenings the bar gets busy and the staff are too busy to do this. However, it's not a huge room and so this can be done yourself very easily.

How You Advertised Your Show
I was in the Fringe Brochure and also flyered for about an hour a day before the show.

Audience Numbers
The smallest audience was about 20 and the biggest was 50 (this is the capacity of the room). We’d fill the room on Fridays and Saturdays. Monday would be the quietest day and then the audience would creep upwards throughout the week.

Your Show
Worked well in the venue. It wasn't the sort of show that could deal with latecomers as it told a story that had to be watched from the beginning. Luckily, I had someone standing at the back by the door to stop people from coming in once the show was under way. If I hadn't have had this person, I am sure that people would have wandered in throughout the show.

We made about £1000 from 19 performances.

Technical set up at the venue
Decent PA and two mics. All worked fine.
There is a projector built into the room for the cinema screen. However, this sometimes wouldn’t hook up with my mac laptop successfully. I have no idea why and other people in the venue didn’t seem to have the same problem. Luckily, I had brought a back-up projector of my own with me so we could set that up if there was ever a problem with the built-in projector.

Admin and Communication process
Everything was fine - the venue captains were friendly and would respond to any communication swiftly.

Other learning points
The one annoyance was that one of the shows at the venue would leave the stage completely littered with what seemed to be crushed up biscuits. I think it should be made clear to acts that the venue should be left as you found it. Whoever it was should have spent five minutes sweeping up after their show rather than subsequent shows having to do it.

Thanks to everyone at the Banshee Labyrinth!
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