Lady Celeste 6:30pm

Lady Celeste 6:30pm

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Here are a few thoughts on performing at The Street. The performance space is an L shape room, that is an underground level of a (mostly) gay bar. It is within an area that has a strong gay identity and thus shows that can cater well to this type of audience I'm sure will do very well.

In the room itself, there are plenty of small stools and some built in leather banquets for the audience to sit on. I found it most successful performing standing on the ground with a microphone in front of the semi-circle banquet. On my first night, I stood on the stage (which is to the side) but you are somewhat hidden behind a very large and built in set of DJ decks. In the end I put my pianist there, who could still be seen and plug in to the power socket very easily.

The venue had already hung a large black curtain across a large door way, halving the L shape room, using the longer side for the show, and the smaller arm of the L, behind the curtain that became a dressing room which worked well. When I had full crowds, we were able to take the curtain down, and seat people further into that side.

The most successful thing for me in obtaining an audience was flyering on The Royal Mile IN COSTUME, for two hours on the way to my show. People understand what it's about then, you're visually interesting - and you get to practice your material. A lot of my audience followed me to my show, then and there.

The venue is equipped with two microphones, a stand, decent sound system, a large spotlight and as I mentioned, some pretty serious decks.The staff were friendly, if not a little casual in helping you out. But nothing was too hard.

If you can entertain the punters upstairs for half an hour or so before your show, you'll find they'll come down stairs to watch your show because its free. My smallest crowd was probably 10, and my biggest about 60, which did not fit comfortably in the room. They were over flowing and sitting outside the room next to the toilets, and as I stood in front of a lounge, they sat behind me too.

My bucket speech worked when it was integrated into my act, and if it was justified with some jokes. It's an interesting little venue. Make sure the hand dryers are turned off for your show, get there early to meet and greet, and make sure the microphone wasn't put in a "special place" - that no one can find!

I think the space is perfect for one or two people to perform in. If you have a good show, and you flyer in costume people will come!

Good Luck
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