22:45 The Beginners Guide to Psychic Trickery

22:45 The Beginners Guide to Psychic Trickery

Postby ashpryce » 06 Sep 2012, 21:04

This was three different shows: How to be a Psychic Conman, How to Predict the Future and How to Talk to the Dead

The Venue is lovely, a nice performance space and well set up. Only downside is there was live music on a Saturday night which did have an impact on the performance as it made it difficult for those at the back to hear, but thanks to mics this wasn’t too much of a problem and I’d love to use the space again. A nice, comfortable space seating around 30. most nights there were people having to stand which was great from a performance point of view as it was more than a full house :D

The staff were lovely. Truly lovely and I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

I advertised using fliers and that was it really, I did become rather slack with my fliering but this had no real noticeable impact – it was more than clear that the majority of people came along as a result of the Free Fringe program. Something I had no objection to paying £3 a show toward.

The smallest audience I had was 6, the rest of the time it was practically full. Donations were very generous and I was taking an average of £40 a show which isn’t bad for an hours work, and as I got funding it was especially good!

Tech was fine, nothing to really add. Would be nice to have had a spot of some sort but not really an issue.

The venue captain, Elise Harris, was amazing. Lovely person too :)

All in all it worked well – I do have a couple of issues that I decided not to raise at the time as there was nothing that could be done about it and didn’t want to add to anyone elses stress. Basically the dates appearing in the program were off. The dates were wrong for my shows – they were advertised as lasting a day longer each time than they should which was annoying as I’d already printed fliers and so as the program had a wider distribution I had to go with those dates. Not a major issue but certainly a bit annoying. However what was a major issue is I didn’t get my days off. I had said I couldn’t do Tuesdays, and have checked my email correspondence to double check and indeed I did give the correct dates and say I couldn’t do Tuesdays. I live very far out of town and considering the lateness of the show I really needed some time off which I didn’t get. This was very annoying. There were actually quite a few mistakes in the program it seems as another show I was involved in was advertised under the wrong section. These things happen, I’m sure it was an honest mistake, but the date problems and not getting my day off were quite annoying. An idea might be to send out proofs of entries like the main Fringe program does to make sure details are correct?

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