15:15 The Clap

15:15 The Clap

Postby Alastair Clark » 21 Oct 2012, 17:01

The Venue: Siglo is a nightclub. The venue is usually closed at the times shows were on, this means the usual clientele aren't at the venue when shows are on. This is good because it means everyone in the venue is there to see your show. This is bad because you do have to generate an audience. Location on cowgate is excellent for footfall.

The performance Space: Upstairs of the nightclub. No stage, but a decent space. Big room can sit 35-40 comfortably.

Venue Staff: Helpful and polite, couldn't fault them. Always happy to change coins for notes after shows, which was very helpful.

Advertisement: Free Fringe Programme, flyering and social networking. Free Fringe Programme, people always want them great way to get out flyers. Flyering, we ran out after week two, meaning we had to buy more. There were three of us flyering for around 2-3 hours a day just outside the venue, and gave out 7,000 flyers over the three weeks. Social networking, we encourage participation with online media with a twitter competition and a picture on facebook of each audience.

Number: Generally really good. Only a couple of days less than 20, normally around 30, at weekends went as high as 60.

Show: Fast paced, three hander sketch show. Went really well.

Buckets: Very generous. Average £45-£60, Low £19, High £150.

Tech: We didn't use mics, so can't comment, they were run through the venue's PA and seemed to be fine. There was a capacity to run an ipod through the PA which we used to play music when audience were entering and exiting.

Communication: As venue captain I experienced no problems.

Anything else: Potentially a sign downstair in the bar saying shows were upstairs.
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