15.45 HMS Ship

15.45 HMS Ship

Postby JackBarry » 01 Oct 2012, 13:52

Ryan's Cellar Bar itself was a lovely venue. It's only real drawback was that it is slightly out of the way from the rest of the festival.
Our show only ran for the last ten days so we didn't have the slog of trying to fill up the room everyday for an entire month.

We found it made most sense to do a bit of flyering on the mile, but we spent most of our time publicising the show outside the half price hut, at the bottom of the mound. The bar was only a short walk from there and you could tell people just to walk straight down Princes Street, which made it easier to tempt people along.

Even with this flyering tactic our numbers really varied, we got between 60 on one day and 6 on another so it really was hit and miss. Our bucket reflected that and we got anywhere between £4 and £50, you just never knew.

The bar itself was great and the staff were all extremely friendly and really made the effort to make us feel welcome, one staff member even came in on her day off and brought her sister to see her show, you can't really ask for any more than that. The performing space was very nice, despite there being a huge grand piano on one side of the stage. If you were doing a musical act there then the space would be perfect, we were doing sketch comedy, which still worked perfectly. The one problem we found with the space was the universal lighting, which just lit up the whole room, including where the audience sat. We found this made the audience feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, as they don't usually like to feel like they can be seen. We got around it quite easily by buying some cheap desk lights from a pound shop and mounting them at the side of the stage. This wasn't too much effort for us. What's more the bar provided a space at the back of the venue where it was safe to store props, lights and whatever else.

On the whole a great, well-run and friendly venue. Our venue captain was easy to get hold of and liaise with and answered all the questions we had. It's only drawback is it's location, which made audiences hard to come by on some days. But it sounds like it was a tough year for audiences throughout the whole festival and Ryan's situation wasn't helped by the fact that it had severe roadworks in front of it this year courtesy of the trams, which hopefully won't be there next year.
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