18:00 Here's What I Know About Humans, By Lulu the Dog

18:00 Here's What I Know About Humans, By Lulu the Dog

Postby Eleni Cosma » 24 Oct 2012, 12:15

The venue was an unused shop space in the mall, not the cleanest or nicest looking, but it served its purpose well. Despite the buzz going on in the shops and restaurants outside, the room itself was isolated and quiet, with the only real disturbance being the smell of burgers and fries!

There were many chairs accommodating a large audience, and the stage area was quite spacious. The backstage area was messy but functional and offered more than enough space for all of the companies to store their props. Lights were cold, florescent tubing light, but lit the stage relatively well and kept the audience in semi-darkness.

Sam, our venue captain, was extremely helpful in answering questions, and kindly hoovered the room once a week, a highly necessary task!

Overall the experience was very positive, we had a good run for our first time at the free fringe, attracting audiences of forty on some days - although on average I would say around 20. Many audience members were generous with their donations giving 5 and sometimes 10 pounds - what you would pay for a ticket! The average donation was 1-2 pounds.

We registered our show in the fringe guide and did a couple of hours of flyering outside the mall and in the park opposite everyday. I'm not certain this was allowed... but nobody told us off, and no one seemed to mind us either.

An important thing to mention is that we also had a show running in a paid venue, for which we paid 2000 rent, and we made (on average) the same profit from the free show than we did from the paid one!

Our main complaint was that we were originally allocated the L4 space in the mall, and at the last minute this was changed to L8 due to a change in management. This was in no way the fault of the free fringe, it was entirely out of their control, but it was a hard blow for us as we then had to hand-correct all of our flyers last minute, as well as the fact that the shift in venue also meant a shift in dates, and it was too late to change the dates we had registered in the fringe guide. This meant that we performed two days which were not advertised in the guide - and on these two days we had significantly smaller audiences, despite our flyering efforts.

With all of this experience in mind, we would certainly return to the free fringe, and happily to this same venue!
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