16:15 Genevieve Swallow is Sharing

16:15 Genevieve Swallow is Sharing

Postby Genevieve Swallow » 06 Jul 2013, 12:01

- Venue
A nightclub in the basement of Le Monde (a boutique hotel) on George Street.

- Performance area
The whole of the Shanghai Nightclub was dedicated to the performance. There was a small platform erected in front of a pillar. The audience chairs set up in rows facing the platform and capacity was around 85 people. Behind these chairs was a bar, which ran along the back. The bar staff didn’t serve here during the performance. There was a small bar off the main space called the Red Room and this is where the audience could buy drinks and wait before going into the show.

- The team of staff at the venue
Very friendly and helpful. The nightclub staff put out the chairs every day. They helped with things like controlling the air con and kindly provided me with glasses as props as and when I needed them. Huge thanks also to Le Monde Reception team who were extremely welcoming and helpful.

- Advertising
Luke organized posters to go up inside the venue and on the street outside on a board – also a timetable of shows. We put flyers out inside the venue.

One thing that made a huge impact on audience footfall was the Cambridge Free Footlights playing the venue at the start of the day. It created a ready-made audience to flyer who knew the venue and attended comedy. I worked out a route, flyering audiences as they came out of similar shows to mine; and as they went into shows in the vicinity that would finish just before mine started. The latter was a particularly strong tactic if it was raining and they’d be looking for somewhere else to go!

- Audience
I was pleased with numbers – my largest audience was 85 people and my smallest audience was 11 people. I averaged 36 people per show.

- The show
An hour of character comedy about house-sharing.

- Buckets
Pleasantly surprised! Nice.

- Technical set-up at the venue
The nightclub DJ booth was behind the stage and from there the lights and sound could be controlled.
2 lights on stands
2 mics
PA System
CD Player
Could bring your own ipod or laptop and plug it in.

There was no back stage area for anyone who needed to change off stage. Props and costumes could be left at the venue and they provided a lock up when I requested one. Flyers and posters placed in a separate room just off the entrance.

- Admin & Communication process
Luke was a friendly and highly effective venue captain. The shows before and after mine were also really friendly and we’d mention the next show at the end when we could.

- Further comments

Signage to the venue was problematic from the street. We had a board to advertise the shows but it wasn’t always clear for the audience where the shows were going on.

What compounded this was when audience members would go inside the entrance, which was essentially a dark tunnel, it wasn’t always clear that it was a venue. If there was no music or no one around you could be at risk of losing the audience!

In many respects it was good to have the challenge of a large venue to fill and play sometimes to a largeish crowd, but on balance I think the space is suited to stand up shows, rather than character comedy or comic story telling.
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