Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Weegie?

Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Weegie?

Postby Robin Cairns » 03 Sep 2012, 16:01

We had a fine time at The Hudson this year. The management are keen to make the venue succeed and all the staff were thoroughly helpful.
The venue looks great with 50 people in it but can accomodate more than 100 sqeezed in, standing, sitting on the floor etc. although the heat in those circumstances is intense. The sound rig is excellent, but Free Fringe people should possibly arrange for better lighting next year (there is a refurb planned and the venue may sort that problem themselves).
Leafletting the street outside the venue was our main line of publicity. It worked very well, with word of mouth spreading quickly and the venue filling nightly.
Our bucket take was high - we have a core of local Scottish audience who tend to have money - although there is always the odd so-and-so taking the Free Fringe concept literally. Best just to smile and say thanks for coming along!
All told a fine venue, which may have better public transport next year depending on how the tramworks go.
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