1600 How Dare You

1600 How Dare You

Postby drspaulding » 26 Nov 2012, 10:33

Venue: Hip & cool basement lounge of a high end hotel.

Show: Hour long stand up show from an internationally touring young gay comic.

Staff: Very friendly, helpful, kind people. Discount on drinks and food.

Location: Very, very far from the centre of the action. Very hard to get punters, unless you are a showcase show, and selling a more general, mainstream show.

Seems to be a good venue for an older crowd, and locals. Tourists often wouldnt want to walk so far from the old town.

Audience & bucket: small sizes generally 40 at the most, but lots of shows with 5 people. However, since people made an effort to walk there, and the really wanted to see the show, theyd pay well. 5 pound each usually. So you could still make a decent bucket with a small audience.

Flyering is best at Rose Street, Half Price Hut, and best outside the venue.
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