21:45 Three Unwise Men

21:45 Three Unwise Men

Postby Eddie O'Dwyer » 25 Oct 2012, 20:07

Second year in the Globe bar, again doing a three hander. Once again my shakespeare reference was struck from the blurb once Red and Steve made me see sense.
A great free venue, you're located in the second enclave off of the bar and while there are issues with noise at this time slot of 21:45 - 22:45 it was only was a real problem during the "movie trailer" round of the pub quiz on a tuesday night, when the quizmaster insisted on whacking it up to eleven so everyone in the bar would be shook to their core by snippets from the latest releases. Didn't really seem necessary since you just had to name the film. We had politely asked several times if there was some compromise we could reach, but he did not budge an inch all month and was the only difficult character we encountered.

The staff were exemplary in their assistance and often would get three pints of water for us once the show was about to start, genuinely thoughtful. Despite one of us having an unrequited love for a particular bartender, the communication between us and the staff went swimmingly.

The issue(s) I would raise for whoever performs in this slot next year is that you need high energy. On the weekends, and some busier thursdays a lot of activity and careful employment of crowd work was necessary to keep them engaged. It could get hot in there and people could be in a tricky hinterland between their fatigue from the day, and having had only one drink (not that three+ buzz that can help power a later audience). Storytelling can struggle and if you need quiet for more nuanced material you may need to consider an earlier time. However, audiences were willing despite being slightly down in numbers from the previous year. We flyered in and around the venue, mostly on the canon's gait and at the top of Niddry Street on the Royal Mile, handing out brochures and we also offered brochures as the audiences exited. This worked great for us, we also performed guest spots in the afternoon to promote our own show, this seemed to work as well.

Technical setup was fine, a few mic problems which were dealt with, everyone worked together quickly and I really enjoyed the shows that were also on at our venue. Also the new manager was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this venue and times slot as a good option for an energetic act, or a lively three hander line up.

Looking forward to next year, and thanks to the venue captain Chris!

Eddie O'Dwyer
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