Improlympians - 1630

Improlympians - 1630

Postby Alek Maxwell » 05 Jan 2013, 10:25

- The venue - upstairs, raised stage plenty of room.
- The performance area - raised stage specially constructed I believe for free fringe, side room next to stage for stage exits.
- The team of staff at the venue - staff were friendly and helpful
- How you advertised your show - facebook, flyers, email list.
- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers - This was our lowest number of audience members, probably averaging in the high single digits. but the audience members were great when they were there.
- Buckets - donations were modest
- Technical set-up at the venue - for us it was fine (we have no demands apart from to play a cd at the beginning)
- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) - our group setup the upstairs and downstairs room, with help from venue captain and a couple of others (though upstairs was rearranged after the stage came in) - there may have been some belief from first timers that things were going to be done for them.
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