Nice Venue - Persist with it

Nice Venue - Persist with it

Postby JimKelly » 02 Oct 2012, 15:22

Dopkicks is/can be percieved as hard to find. Located on Market Street with two entrances, Candlemaker Row & Cowgate. It generally gets its business later on at night. The room is huge with a stage at the back, the staff (unless they actually flyered with you) couldn't be much more helpful, very friendly.
Our show was built on 4 acts doing 8-10mins with a compere. The start time was 2045hrs & the three points of advertising used were flyers, posters & the free fringe guide. Audiences varied, maximum was around 60-70 minimum was six (the show goes on and all that) averaged probably 15, weekends were busier, midweek suffered on a couple of nights but we expected that with the time slot & it being our first fringe.
Next year (yes, it hasn't put me off), I'd keep my show the same format. It worked. The bucket donations were sound, even with little or no audience people wanted to give a little through enjoying themselves.
Our venue captain, I never had chance to meet. They bailed..... Ah well, it was easy enough. As I said, the venue staff were all smashing. All helped setting up & packing away etc. The mic was a little dodgy I guess, thats nit-picking though.

There are two ways of getting to Dropkicks.
1). Via Candlemaker Row.. We had three people flyering. One person would stand on Candlemaker Row trying to usher people along Market Street (under the bridge) to find the venue. This had varying degrees of success, Many folk were heading to the Underbelly or elsewhere for a 'big name' show.
2). Via Cowgate.. After a few days I found the alleyway next to Sneaky Pete's on Cowgate. This leads right to Dropkicks so two of us would head down there to flyer. This was a much better way of getting people in, 'free comedy in half hour at the top of that alleyway etc'.

Dropkicks is a smashing venue, its huge with a nice stage space. Yes its hard to find but A2 or A3 posters with arrows on in the right places will help ease that. On cowgate, If you point an arrow in the alley direction, it became much easier to find. Same too for Candlemaker, use bins etc.. Everyone else does too so get in early.
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Re: Nice Venue - Persist with it

Postby JayH » 27 Oct 2012, 13:45

I was in the show with Jim and I thought I'd add a couple of things.

The Alley on Cowgate that lead right to the venue could have done with having one of the Venue/Line up posters for Dropkicks on the wall facing the pavement, maybe with an arrow poining up the alley. Something about A2/A1 size maybe.

It would have made the place easier to find and also advertised it to the comedy-centric cowgate thoroughfare.

With the correct signage around the alley it could almost be classed as a "cowgate venue". With the alley being an official/unofficial "entrance".

Aside from that it was a lovely big venue. I would recommend it as a good place for an act who wanted a big audience and could draw a crowd based on their name and reputation. It could easily have fit over 100 people. Also, I think people would be much more inclined to make the effort to get to what is a slightly out of the way venue if it was to see a more well known comic.
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