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14.00 Fliss Russell - Life is Fliss

Postby Fliss Russell » 25 Oct 2012, 17:59

The Dragonfly is a cocktail Bar with a small private room out the back for performances. There is no raised stage but the room is laid out so you perform in the corner with a curtained off space behind for changing and storing props etc.
The staff at the Dragonfly are great, the manager was especially helpful and all staff were friendly and welcoming.
Being the first show of the day in the venue was great as it meant I had the luxury of a bit of time in the space before hand to set up props etc. and get the room ready. I always went out to flyer an hour before my show on the Grassmarket and people were really up for coming along, often they were about to have lunch so they came after. I had very healthy audience numbers, but even on the odd days where the numbers were down it still feels pretty busy in such a cosy space! A one person character show worked well in this space, my show especially worked there as I have a lot of audience participation and the room is well lit with easy access to the crowd! Audiences were very generous and even on the quieter days I got great donations. Technically the venue is limited.. there's an amp for music and a few mics (that you don't need in that size room!), but no lighting, just the room lights.
I would highly recommend the Dragonfly for anyone's debut in Edinburgh, it's a lovely cozy space, ideal for stand up and character comedy. You wouldn't fit a big sketch group on the stage though. I'd also highly recommend the 2 o clock slot as everyone loves a trip to a cocktail bar after lunch!
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