13.20 "Three for Free" - Alex Kealy + Patrick Morris + guest

13.20 "Three for Free" - Alex Kealy + Patrick Morris + guest

Postby Alexander Kealy » 16 Oct 2012, 20:07

13.20 Three For Free, a stand-up show with Alex Kealy, Patrick Morris and a guest.

The Venue

Belushi's is a bar/hostel just next to Waverley station. The performance area is a raised stage in a ground floor bar. The stage can fit the stand-up and about 25 audience at a push, with any extra audience standing or sitting on stools down the rest of the narrow bar

Advantages: - nice and central, you can flyer on the royal mile and just point people to where they need to go.
- as a hostel, you can pick up extra audience often from people hanging around, who haven't started their day in Edinburgh yet

Disadvantages: - change in management meant that what was supposed to be a dedicated comedy room, often had people at the back eating food, having their own conversations and generally being a distraction. Totally understandable given the venue had changed management between PBH's negotiation and the festival (not PBH's fault), but if this is to be a venue next year, there should probably be assurances from Belushi's end that this doesn't happen again.
- Big windows without curtains sort of removed any ambience from the room for a lunch-time bit of stand-up. Performing in a bright, sunny room was a challenge, and this was the most important disadvantage for me.
- stage fine for a gig with 20-odd in but on good days where we were getting 40 in, the set-up often meant an audience divide with the 20-odd on the platform with the act being up for it, and the others in the bar removed from the fun and the laughs not conducting to them. Obviously that sounds like excuses for a bad performance, but it was interesting to see the variance between those enjoying the show towards the front and the lack of enjoyment from those at the back.

That being said, it was a room that served drinks, with a good PA in the centre of edinburgh that we managed to get an average of 25-ish at the usually dead-slot in Edinburgh, so this shouldn't be seen as an excessive criticism of the room, merely that there are some problems with it that hopefully would be sorted for free fringe 2013, if Belushi's is part of it.

staff at the venue

Very nice and helpful. No complaints.

How we advertised the show

We had printed about 50 psoters but barely used this. I feel personally that they aren't worth the effort though perhaps some free fringe customers are swayed by posters at venues. Most of the focus was on flyering on the mile, and exit-flyering similar shows to ours (free fringe, stand-up) which had a big audience. That, and our presence in the free fringe guide and the main festival programme (which had a good app this year it seems, and with the increasing prevalence of smart phones, I'd say it's going to get more worth the £300 entry as the years go on).

The Show itself

It went fine, pretty happy, and we had some great guests like Ivo Graham, Phil Wang, Romesh Ranganathan, Richard Hanrahan and Harriet Kemsley. Audience varied between 6 and 60 (averaged 20-25), and the bucket varied from £5 to £120 (average probably £35). We might have improve this with a better bucket speech - we got a good one sorted probably only halfway through the run. Very important it is, would advise any free fringers to really work on that - be funny of course, but also emphasise that if they've enjoyed the show they can probably afford to buy you a pint at least, given how expensive the big 4 are, etc. Add a bit of self-deprecation at the end to release any money-tension, and that should get you some reasonable donations, if the show was good.
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