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Public Entertainment License

Postby ashterix » 04 Mar 2012, 11:46

As of April 1st councils in scotland will be requiring all performances (or at least evnues), including free ones, to obtain a performacne license ranging from £120 to £7500 depending on venue and audience size. How will this affect the Free Fringe if at all? But, even if it doesn't effcet the Free Fringe it is still a very worrying occurence. Will venues already have an entertianment license? i assum many will as they have live music but this is still a concern. ... cence-fees
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Re: Public Entertainment License

Postby danny.worthington » 05 Mar 2012, 12:38 ... tainment/1

" You would not normally require a licence for:

for an athletic or sports ground being used for sports or athletic

entertainment that is being provided where a Premises Licence for the sale of alcohol under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 is in effect and the Operating Plan includes the said entertainment.

if you currently hold a Theatre or Cinema licence "

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