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Postby Matt Panesh » 13 Sep 2011, 00:13

These are just ideas i have for the 2012 freefringe - i would like to start a feasibility discussion about them.

1) Freefringe clubhouse

Jools Constant, venue captain and all round good egg, came up with the excellent idea of having an opening night party to get the press in and have a blast. I think this is a superb idea and would also like to see it coupled with the idea of a clubhouse for freefringe members to go to. Though i didn't go there this year i heard that the buffs club might make an excellent spot. Ideally the clubhouse would be a place where frefringe artists would gather and support each other. if that sounds a bit corduroy for you, in other fringes i've played - excepting edinburgh cos its too big - the artists have generally had a pub - that is cheap or does artist discount - where they all talk shop or shit. give feedback, raise the roof, have a good time, and generally create a gang feel about the endeavor. i think something like that for the PBH freefringe would be invaluable, and the canons gait is simply too small. i alao think wristbands for entry might help with the group feel.

my other thought with this, as it is not my idea but a friends, is that people are using the freefringe to try out edinburgh, to dip their toes, test the waters, and are quite new to the beast that is the fringe, and in order to stop them from jumping the north bridge a clubhouse/support network might be a good idea. thoughts?

2) Twitter flash messaging system

first off - i do not know how this shit works so if i'm wrong please correct me. it's my understanding that if we set up a freefringe account at twitter and all clicked on mobile updates, we would have an instant message system. this would be for venue captains that needed acts, or messages that were urgent, throughout all freefringe members. not having an i-phone this would be a simple way of getting URGENT messages accross, and not to be twatted about with - there were some very unhappy people re- the email system at the end of the last fringe. i couldnt see the anger issue myself - chuffed when any c*** emails me, but, not having an i-phone i couldn't check my emails readily. I do think a flash messaging system that works to mobiles would be very helpful indeed.

3) awards

how about we set up our own awards. this is purely a media focussing endeavor to further remove ourselves from, for want of a better phrase, the bastards, or the paid fringe as they are known. since we are naturally split into genres my safest bet would be to invite votes - or a council of elder free fringe veterans - to see shows - recommend a shortlist and get a celebrity critic to choose best show in each. Now - i know i'm on very dangerous territory with suggesting this but...we need to capitalise on all the media that was made about the free fringe this year (fuck loads) especially when audience numbers across the fringe were down, we weren't doing badly at all. i suggest kate copstick for first celeb judge as she has been a fervent supporter of the freefringe and it's ethos ( a conversation in kate in 2009 got me into pbh fringe) (she'd have to see 5 shows only) but the attention garnered would be worth it, again - thoughts?

4) media partner

as we got to get so much publicity last year we should get a media partner this year. it got right on my tits that virgin money - sponsors of the main fringe - tried to tie themselves in with the free fringes on the royal mile. we all know how the rule of 3 works. hence on the royal mile bins -

Virgin Money Edinburgh fringe

28000 performances
300 venues
607 free shows

given the history between paid and free fringes - cheeky buggers!

I think we could get a broadsheet or timeout or the list to be a media partner, and a radio station. opposition to this? or am i free to try? or does someone have connections?

that leads me to sponsorship -

5) sponsorship

yes i think we should have one.
yes we could be come dependent, but with the right sales team we won't.
yes i think its worth getting a lumper of cash off someone to do it.
currently we have 27 venues. this figure is likely to increase next year.
we can therefor offer some company city wide presence at 27+ different locations. only virgin money got that this year. and they tried and succeeded in aligning themselves with the free stuff that was going on in the city. how much did they spend sponsoring the fringe? and we didn't get a f***ing penny of that money.

sponsorship presents two difficulties that i can see -
a) that we get sponsored by a company like mcdonalds or human rights abusers

though obviously these companies arent going to be the targets we'll be after, its hard to know who owns who nowadays.
if in a difficulty i think we should use what i call "the chumbawamba solution" - chumbawamba, a fave anarchist group of mine had general motors use one of their tracks. they promptly divided the cash they got, some quarter of a mill in dollars, between two charities that were activley campaigning against general motors. - though i think we should take 50% of the cash and divide the rest

b) the name sponsor
i do not think we should have a sponsor as such but give a company prominence - something like - chief donator, super best friend, good egg etc

much as the MD of innocent smoothies used to be called chief squeezer, though now of course they're a part of coca cola- hows that for groovy green credentials!

anyway - some of my thoughts - what're yours?

Matt Panesh
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Re: Stuff for 2012

Postby andrewjlederer » 13 Sep 2011, 09:33

I don't think, Matt, that these corporate things, media partners and the like, are in keeping with the notion of the Free Fringe. There are fundraising methods that would be and these have been discussed before and should be pursued.The clubhouse idea is not a bad one. The Twitter thing might be useful. An opening party doesn't strike me as a terrible idea, but I imagine it would take some cash (unless you want the press to be buying their own drinks, which, come to think of it, is appealing). As a priority, though, this, presumably, ranks a fair piece down on the first things first list.
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Re: Stuff for 2012

Postby gareth morinan » 16 Sep 2011, 13:42

1) Ro Campbell was putting on the Monday night FF gig/hang-zone at Bannermans this year (though I'm not sure how it went, because I never got time to go along). My only thought is that perhaps a late opening venue near Bristo Square would be better than Buff's Club (which is a bit out of the way), because thats the part of the city that most people seem to congregate in to drink after their shows are finished. Perhaps the Medina?

2) I also don't have an iphone, so can't pick up emails on the go... but I can't pick up Twitter either, so its all much of the same to me. On thing I'd say though is that Twitter is entirely public, and I imagine we'd rather not have FF updates being read by anyone who wants to. Could do a private thing with Facebook/Google+ or something.

3) Yes, a good idea. Dec Munro organised an impromptu 'Existential Awards' Ceremony on the last day of the festival at Buff's Club. Think he might be planning to do something else next year so I would talk to him. Robin Ince was there, and perhaps he'd be willing to be on the judging panel also (providing his own shows weren't up for awards!)

As for sponsor/partner - yes if someone can be found, then yes.
gareth morinan
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Re: Stuff for 2012

Postby Richard Tyrone Jones » 26 Mar 2012, 23:24

Yes to a club, yes to a big sponsor so long as they're ethical, ie Co-op bank? Yes to the existential awards, and we will be doing a Free Fringe best spoken word show vote (via facebook) this year.
Richard Tyrone Jones
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Re: Stuff for 2012

Postby Charmian Hughes » 27 Mar 2012, 17:02

the clubhouse is a brilliant idea! I really missed something like that last year. Also a launch party. We should include all these things in Sundays discussion.
Charmian Hughes
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