1.30pm - 'Beckett and Smith' (Full Run, 1hr)

1.30pm - 'Beckett and Smith' (Full Run, 1hr)

Postby Ian Smith » 11 Jan 2012, 20:28

[/b]Venue - It's a pub/music venue, so the stage and lighting/sound is very well set up really, and has a good off stage mic which is really useful. Seems a fairly mixed group of people who come to the pub, there's the typical older regulars and a lot of younger people attracted by the fact it's a music venue. We got a real mix tot the show.
Performance Area - Decent sized stage becaus eit has to accomodate bands. Slightly raised. Good place to have back drop up etc.
Staff at the venue - Very nice. Were willing to accomodate for the show - for example, the seats had been moved in to a very bad comedy-seating plan at one point and they listened to and understood why we wanted to rearrange. Helpful, would sort out tech for us etc. No problems.
Advertised show - Besides the usual flyering of flyers/brochure we exit flyered the other show we were doing and got people coming from there, put posters around, and did advertising via social networks. I had regular blogs on Edinburghisfunny which advertised the show too.
Audience Numbers - We had a time slot we were very happy with and really enjoy flyering people, so we did very well with audiences. It was full amost every day, with people standing at the backs.
Show itself - Me and Rob were happy with how the show went. We tried to do our solid sets, but get new bits of material and experiemnting in. We mixed up the order of opening and closing and tried to keep it fresh. I hid behind a curtain for 45 minutes to try and make a grand entrance and my back ached and nobody appreciated it. I won't do that again.
Buckets - I think we had a good bucket, ocassionally very generous. We were pleased wit the response.
Technical set up - Everything was fine besides two very slight faults - Sometimes, only sometimes, the lights would seem to stick in a mixed setting, so would flash on and off at a slow pace, so you get different colour lighting flicking on and off, like a really slow disco. This usually got fixed though. Ver rarely one of the mics there wouldcut off/on a little bit, usually just holding the lead in tigjter solved this, and usually there wa sa replacement - worse case scenario, we decided to do one gig without the mic, which we didn't mind too much in all honesty.
Communications between venue captains/Free Fringe etc - We spoke to our venue captain and all was fairly easy to organise and carry on with throughout fringe. We didnt need to raise any problems really. Everything fine with communication with the Free Fringe. The only thing I would raise would be that some members of the Free Fringe in 2011 used the mailing list for themselves, or replied all to the list far too much. I had around 50 emails of a conversation in my account at one point and one member I can't remember sent a really aggressive, harshly worded email to the mailing list, which wasn't needed, and didn't apply to everyone. This can be simply resolved though, indidivuals just need to think about who the email is relevant to.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience, myself and Rob both had a brilliant time, were very happy with the time, venue and the Free Fringe in whole.

Ian (and Rob) - 'Beckett and Smith'
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