5.15pm - The people's federation of international comedians

5.15pm - The people's federation of international comedians

Postby Wouter Meijs » 12 Oct 2011, 00:10

- Venue: lively pub with lots of live music every evening
- Performance area: Stage, separated from main area by a curtain, set up is great, holds about 80 when full
- Team of staff: Helpfull and nice, assisted with music and some sound cues, show didn't get in the way of the normal business
- Advertised: Fringe brochure, flyering starting one hour before the show, quite easy to get people in, more talking them in than handing out paper
- Audience numbers: Good numbers, especially in the weekends and when it started raining, lower numbers at the end of the festival
- Show itself: could work better if someone guards the curtain so people don't walk in and out all the time, and when someone can direct people to sit at the front so they're more likely to get involved, acts were great
- Buckets: were good halfway and ok at the end
- Technical set-up at the venue: perfect, always a 2nd mic at hand when we needed it and helpfull barstaff
- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you): all good
- Any other learning points for anyone involved: don't waste flyers, 2 people hitting the street an hour before the show should be enough. Also be aware that other shows flyers aren't just dumped in your venue, the staff didn't like that and threw it away immediately.
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