Asparagus wee & other world issues 14.45 Aug 8-16

Asparagus wee & other world issues 14.45 Aug 8-16

Postby Simon Lilley » 05 Oct 2011, 20:44

The show "Asparagus Wee & Other World Issues" was a success as far as I was concerned. I agree with the other posts about the venue which is good. The staff were very accommodating and sorted out any minor technical problems asap. The attendance for the show was quite good, in spite of me deciding not to pay the rip-off main brochure price, as I was only putting on 9 shows in total. (Yes I did vote in the Fringe elections and this is an important issue). The show didn't get reviewed this year but I was fine about that; I was doing between 30-35 mins & some of the material was quite new. My show featured guest slots (usually 2, including 5-10 mins warm-up from the likes of Free Fringers Paul B Edwards & Jane Walker who both did a grand job, between them covering most of the shows. I also appreciated the willing help I had from one or two of my guest slots who were actually happy to flyer.) Bucket takings were quite good. The odd note as well as coins, although I found that somehow the show was bringing in quite youthful & skint kids. I'm 41 myself so it was probably the middle aged who enjoyed my stuff more, but hey, always glad to make a youngster giggle. Once again thank you to Peter for all his hard work and to everyone else who busts guts. All power to the Free Fringe.
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