13:15 Learn Yourself Filmmaking

13:15 Learn Yourself Filmmaking

Postby Joevon » 22 Nov 2011, 14:47

The Venue
The Voodoo Rooms is a rather beautiful bar, and it was a thoroughly nice environment to perform in every day. Both of us would stick around and have a beer in the pub after the show, and the staff there were consistently polite and helpful.

The Performance Area
The space was good, tidy, and again well served by the bar staff. My only complaint about the room was that the doors, towards the end of the run, would close of their own accord (the doorstop had become a bit worn down) and once they were closed, they were locked and needed a key code to be opened- this did mean some audience members were physically locked out of our show. But this was really only in the last week, and on the whole the space was fantastic.

Venue Staff
Again, venue staff were always helpful and polite. We would have a different bar staff member each day and they were always happy to turn the house lights up and down and generally help out with whatever was needed.

How We Advertised The Show
We saw the month as a chance to test out new material and therefore we weren't particularly interested in reviews (we didn't do a press release) and we weren't in the main programme. We would flyer every day for a couple of hours on Princes Street and round the back of the bar, but due to the lack of reviews and an ad in the main programme, our audience numbers were generally very low. We knew the effect that not being in the main fringe brochure may have had and ultimately, as I say, we just wanted the opportunity to perform every day as opposed to picking up any reviews, but I would safely say it the lack of main brochure advertising had a major effect on audience numbers.

Audience Numbers
Again, see above. We did a previous free fringe show a couple of years ago and audience numbers were, on the whole great. We found getting audiences across the bridge and off Princes Street at half twelve relatively difficult, but it is also worth pointing out other shows around us (especially in the main space) did not seem to have a difficulty in getting people in. I would reiterate here the effect of not being in the main brochure.

The show itself
Our show was fun to perform each day, and the little feedback we got from audience members on the whole was positive but ultimately it was relatively difficult to judge on quite small audience numbers. However, the show was a work in progress (and we have been able to change it and work on it since) and we are grateful to the Free Fringe for the opportunity to perform it.

In a desperate search for odd audience members, we would sometimes go up a couple of minutes late and therefore overrun and I would like to again thank the show after us for their kindness and patience in putting up with this.

Bucket contributions were fine and, honestly, seemed to match how well we felt the performance had gone.

Technical Set Up
Our show was relatively tech-heavy for a show without an operator, but we managed to get through the tech each day fine. On some days things had gone missing from the tech desk (i.e. connections to laptops) and on one day, somebody had messed around with the gain meaning the speakers would just crackle horrendously. With any difficulties, the staff would try and help out as much as they could.

However any complaints are small and it is fair to say that the tech, on the whole, worked fine every day and for a Free Fringe venue especially was of a great quality.

On the whole, we had a great experience and would happily perform there again. Thanks to everyone we encountered who made the experience such a pleasant one, and to PBH and all who work so hard for the Free Fringe.
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