13.15 Project Adorno: Pop Songs & Pie Charts

13.15 Project Adorno: Pop Songs & Pie Charts

Postby Praveen Manghani » 14 Oct 2011, 10:57

We had a great time at the PBH Free Fringe. We liked the venue (large room with its own bar) and we liked the space itself – it seemed well geared-up to our technical requirements. The bar-staff seemed friendly (except one chap we asked about technical stuff, who was a bit of a jobsworth). The sound set up was good and we were able to use the built-in projector screen for our laptop which was a bonus.We had few dealings with our venue captains, but when we did, they were enthusiastic and glad to help – and seemed to know who we were. There was also very good communication with other Free Fringers via email. We had good rapports with the artists on before and after us, and all told, it was a relaxed-but-committed, all-in-this-together atmosphere. We found it far less stressful than the non-free Fringe, of which we are veterans.

Any negative experiences were really down to our own shortcomings rather than those of the PBHFF – but we were disappointed that our photo wasn’t included in the brochure, even though we submitted it well before the deadline (and, when they were seeking the outstanding pics, we weren't on the hit-list).

Audiences fluctuated (as is ever the way in Edinburgh!) - perhaps a later show time would've suited our style of show. The venue seems to come alive later in the day. The audiences we did achieve were very appreciative - we got lots of post-show feedback & even a mention in the Herald!We flyered when and where possible, however the weather was very poor during the week we were there (even by Edinburgh standards), curtailing the amount of Royal Mile flyering we could usefully do.

It was a great way to do the Fringe and we'd certainly like to be part of the FF set up in future years.
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