14:25 Free tea and Biscuits comedy hour

14:25 Free tea and Biscuits comedy hour

Postby aaron twitchen » 30 Aug 2011, 20:42

Loved this room.

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Important for us as organising tea and biscuits for 50 people is a bit of hassle. They were very accomodating. There is a small storage cupboard at the back of the room, but this should not be relied.

Storage upstairs (shared with whole venue) is large, but often gets untidy. Be aware it is in the ballroom, so you should try and get your flyers in show breaks.

Big, spacious stage. Good sound system. Projector and laptop feeds etc.

stage lighting was a bit tricky. Can be hard to light stage well and darken audience. Having said that, the cabaret in the evening seemed to have a better set up for theirs. Sure they will detail how they acheived that.

audience numbers were good. Lowest about 15. Highest 60, turning people away.

We flyered on princes street originally. This brought in a lot of weary shoppers, tempted by the freebies. Not always best for comedy, but on the whole they were lovely. We branched out to flyering at the Half price hut. When the weather is good this is busy and effective (its a 5 min walk from venue). Not sure what results we got, but recommend trying it.

On the whole LOVED this venue and would be honoured to perform their again. May add more to this if I think of it, but happy to answer any questions if anyone thinks of something I missed.

Aaron Twitchen.
aaron twitchen
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Re: 14:25 Free tea and Biscuits comedy hour

Postby paul savage » 11 Oct 2011, 13:51

Yep, couldn't have been more pleased with this room. If we could fully black out the window by the bar it would have been perfect. the barstaff were very good with our faffing and were lovely.

We had an audience member make trouble just before the show started and the staff dealt with it very well and in a way that didn't up set the remainder of the audience. Recommended
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