Free Sexy Love Money 18:30

Free Sexy Love Money 18:30

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The venue
The Street is a gay/gay friendly bar on Broughton Street, across the bridge from the all the madness of the Fringe, right beside Stand 5.

- The performance area
The Performance area was in the downstairs lounge. The angles of the space were very tricky to create a black-box stage, and posed some problems.
It took some time, but we eventually managed to make the space work - this is what we did:
1. A small stage was built by the venue - in the right hand corner.
2. We put black curtains on the entrance, and the rear of the room, to cover the daylight.
3. We put shimmery purple danglers behind the stage, and along a glass wall looking into the venue.
4. We removed the tables, and brought chairs into the space - aiming them at the stage.
5. A sound system was already there, but we needed to cover the DJ booth with black cloth to try to keep sight lines open.
6. A light was projected on the stage via the left hand side. We had to set this up at the beg of the day.
7. One of the biggest problems was the proximity to the toilets - as a the sound of the handrier would bleed into the theatre - we had to disable them.

This is a video of me at the venue: ... ature=plcp

- The team of staff at the venue
The Staff were AMAZING - better than we could have imagined. So kind, supportive, and GOOD people.

- How you advertised your show
Flyers, flyering, poster-board outside the venue for all 3 shows.
I would highly recommend being in the fringe guide (which I didnt do) if you are do perform at the Street, as it doesnt get as much foot-traffic as other venues.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers
Average audience of 10-15 people. Some shows were PACKED - with 50 people. My smallest audience was 3 (still a fun show!)

- Your show itself
Great learning process, had a few HORRIBLE experiences, which were balanced out by AMAZING experiences
4 Star Review from Scotsgay Magazine

- Buckets
Smallest was 7 pounds, biggest was 60 pounds. Average 20-25 pounds. Still made a profit, since my costs were low.

- Technical set-up at the venue
See above.

- Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you)
It took us some time to figure out how to make the space work.
I highly commend Mary Bourke for blacking out the light, it really helped the show.

- Any other learning points for anyone involved
Have a strong closing for your bucket pitch.
Work hard, and pace yourself energetically.
Do the Fringe Guide.
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