21:15 M Croser- Unpleasant Man

21:15 M Croser- Unpleasant Man

Postby Martin Croser » 30 Oct 2011, 10:41

The venue – nightclub in converted Church on Cowgate just down from the royal mile, venue had two stages, a very large front room and a smaller backroom.

The performance area – Backroom, upstairs from main performance space, there are two doors between the backroom and the front room so there is no issue with noise from the other performance space. The only issue with the backroom is that casual punters wouldn’t realise where it was and just sit in the front room, we put up posters directing people and most backroom shows did announcements in the front room five minutes before the start of the show. The room itself seats up to 40/50 people, it had a small stage, a light and a good PA system.

- The team of staff at the venue – Lovely, couldn’t have been more helpful, shows didn’t get in the way of normal business as Sin operates as a nightclub so typically wouldn’t be open before 11pm, the staff and management really seemed pleased to have us there.

- How you advertised your show – did flyers and posters, flyered other shows coming out at Sin and Cannons gait. I found the best way to flyer was to stand near the fringe office with a stack of free fringe broachers with your flyer shoved in them and shout “Hundreds of free shows!” The best part of this tactic is people come to you and tend to hold on to the broacher, flyers on their own generally end up in the nearest bin.

- How your shows went in terms of audience numbers – Up and down, highest was around 25, lowest was 4, got a review in The Scotsman in the third week which put up audience numbers for the last few days which was a nice way to end the festival.

- Your show itself – I had a great time, the show evolved over the run and became more intimate, at the start it had a very vague theme by the end it was just an hour of stand up which was rather satisfying. I had previewed the show 4 times in London 3 of which were in July, I would advise anyone doing an hour to start doing previews/ work in progress as early as possible and to do as many previews as they can.

- Buckets – I think the most I did was £25/£30, one very nice lady gave me 1000 south Korean won, it currently has a value of 74p but I will treasure it always. As a rule I found that family groups gave the most money and couples/students were the most tight-fisted.

Technical set-up at the venue – For my needs it was fine, I often didn’t even use the PA as I found the room was the right size to just talk unamplified, it made the show more personal and made people listen more.

Admin & Communication process (between Free Fringe, Captains, Venues and you) – very helpful for the few nights that the backroom had to be cleared away to make room for parties, always had a good few people to help clear up.
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