The Grumpy Magicians

The Grumpy Magicians

Postby Paul Temple » 22 Oct 2011, 10:56

Ryan's Bar is located at the far end of Princes street. It fairly well known in the town and gets mainly white coller workers, but does have a name for being somewere to watch football at the weekends.
This is a brillant venue. The room was clean , comfortable and well lit. There was a back stage area that allowed props to be stored (the only slight drawback to the venue was that this space was poorly lit and crowded with tables and chairs, so there was not a lot of room). The staff were helpfull and whenever the manager came across you he allways checked if things were ok.
The room sat about 45 people and there was space for people to stand. Our show was very popular. Except once, when we only got 13 people, we were full every day and on severail ocassions people were turned away as the room was too full . Why did we get such a small number on one day? We have no idea, football?, thursday?,weather?
Leafleting helped us to get the audence. But people returned and brought back friends and relations.
All in all a great exsperence and we hope to return to Ryans Bar next year with PBH and do out new show (The Grumpy's go on Hoiliday)
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