Morningside Malcolm Meets The Weegies

Morningside Malcolm Meets The Weegies

Postby Robin Cairns » 12 Sep 2011, 15:12

The Royal Oak is a historic folk pub, the venue is a basement bar-room.
Performance area is whatever floor space is still available once your audience is in.
Staff of The Royal Oak were always helpful, easy to get along with and pleasant.
The show was advertised by leafletting, listing in the Free Fringe programme and a nice bit of publicity in the evening papers. Good reviews also swelled the numbers.
Numbers were excellent. Full for the whole run (45 capacity). Turning away up to 20 punters unable to get in some days.
The show, Morningside Malcolm Meets The Weegies, has been aired before, reworked, and really began to fire quite well as the run went on.
Buckets were fine. Never more than an average of £3 a head.
The tech set-up at The Royal Oak was minimal. We used no mics or lighting. And when it got hot we opened the window.
Communication was fine between the acts and myself (Venue Cap). The backdrop and bucket disappeared after week one but we struggled on.
Things to learn would be about what sort of acts would do well at the venue. It's very central to the action, and a good alternative to the Banshee for spoken word.
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