13:00 Hammerpuzzle's Measure for Measure

13:00 Hammerpuzzle's Measure for Measure

Postby Vicci Akers » 30 Aug 2011, 11:31

- Venue - Princes Mall Venue 203, Space L8

- The performance area - a dis-used shop on the lower floor. Struggled occasionally with the sound of the tannoy from the Food Court directly outside.

- The team of staff at the venue - no staff for the actual venue, we got the keys from the Princes Mall security staff to open up each day. Aside from that we were left to our own devices.

- Advertised your show - Free Fringe and main Fringe brochure, flyering, word of mouth, podium spots on the Royal Mile.

- Audience - Up and down, some shows had a full house, some had 10 people, average of 15-20 each day.

- Show - very good audience responses.

- Buckets - Varied, but even on small audiences days we were pleasantly surprised with the generosity of donations.

- Technical set-up at the venue - No tech except for a lighting t-bar which was already set up when we got there.

- Admin & Communication process - Despite offering a few times to be venue captain, I never heard back from the organiser, and consequently we had no idea who the venue captain was or who to go to if we had any problems. Luckily there weren't many issues, with the exception of our venue being left messy from shows the day before which we had to speedily clean up before our show, and in our second week the lads after us repeatedly coming in before our audience had even left. We found both of these points disrespectful but just sorted it out ourselves. On the days we had a full house, we could have got quite a few more chairs in the venue as there was a lot of space at the back, but there was no one in the venue to ask about chairs, and the staff at Princes Mall didn't know where to get more from, so we had to turn some people away.

- Any other learning points for anyone involved - The atmosphere in the shop was very difficult to overcome, audiences commented on how it was hard to get past the dead space. The location was also an issue. Two years previously we were in Jenny Ha's with the same show, and the audiences for both years were reflected in the location of the venue. On the Mile audiences are willing to walk into a show because that is what they expect, therefore we were full and having to turn people away every day. In a shopping mall, the customers don't want to be bothered by actors trying to advertise. There didn't seem to be much 'Fringe spirit' in the venue. When we asked at the beginning of the two weeks if we could sing one of our songs outside the venue just before the show to grab attention, the assistant in the shop next to us said no. Also, with the Food Court directly outside, it was difficult trying to bring people in as we felt we were disturbing everyone while they were eating.

Overall, it was a relatively successful run for us, but in the future we wouldn't recommend L8 as an effective performance space in the Free Fringe.

Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company, 2011.
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