Tim Shishodia and Andy Davies The Singles Collection

Tim Shishodia and Andy Davies The Singles Collection

Postby Andy Davies » 13 Nov 2011, 17:59

The Venue: Opium. It’s an Alternative Rock/Heavy Metal bar at night which doesn’t get going till after the shows so the punters you get are there for you. It’s a bit of a weird location, up an alleyway, next to some bins and next door to a ‘gentleman’s sauna’ but it certainly makes it a memorable reference point when flyering. Make sure you have someone directing the customers in as it’s not the most obvious entrance in the world.

The Performance Area: Nice and large, Stage has steps going up to it and is a good height. Two pillars on it could either restrict or add to a performance. We certainly used them to good effect. The venue seats approx. 60 people.

Staff: Couldn’t fault them. Friendly, helpful, helped promote the shows among the bar’s customers and kept quiet throughout the shows. One member of staff even offered to film one of our shows and their camera work was excellent!

Advertising: Fringe programme, FF programme, Flyering. We flyered for an hour before the show. There were three of us Flyering all together, two of us outside the venue and one other on the Grassmarket.

Audience numbers: Great. Never less than 20, average of 40ish and a few really packed weekends. The venue is great when packed. We always folded away the rear seats before any show to make sure that the front rows were full.

The Show: Good. We started off as two comedians and over the course of the run had developed into a bit of a double act doing more and more together on stage. The audience feedback was great, we were a clean show and often got comments on how refreshing that was. We even had a few audience members come back several times to see the show again. We feel that had we known how well the double act stuff was going to be we would have developed it more before we went up but it was in essence a bit of a happy accident. Also, the stage itself lends itself to an imaginative use and should I ever return there will certainly take that into consideration.

Donations: Pretty good. We always had someone standing there with the bucket and we thanked everyone for coming. We never aggressively asked for money at the end of the show, made a joke out of it and people tended to give something. It certainly covered what we’d laid out for the show in regards to photo’s advertising and flyers etc. so no complaints there.

Set-up: The PA was pretty good. It belonged to the bar and they had a good mixing desk with an ipod lead. The lead didn’t work for the first few days but was replaced. Be aware that the mixing desk is off to the side of the stage and can’t be seen from the stage and vice versa so sound cues can be a problem. We stopped using the microphone, not because it wasn’t any good but because the venue is small enough for any act with a loud enough voice to be heard quite clearly. It also added to the intimacy of the show.
The venue is very, very hot. There is air conditioning but it is loud and best only to be turned on in between performances. The stage is well lit by the lights the venue has. No actual spotlight but our show didn’t need one and the lights in the ceiling can be turned round to face the stage.
Plenty of chairs and people were happy to stand if the show was really full.

Admin & Communication: Sean Brightman did a great job.

You hear horror stories about Edinburgh and I’ve had a few problems with shows in the past but personally this was the most enjoyable one I’ve done yet and a great deal of that is down to how the venue was run and the staff at Opium so thanks to them and thanks to Sean as well. Was very smooth!!
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