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15:50 - Nothing to Lose

PostPosted: 06 Jan 2012, 11:19
by mkossew
The venue is downstairs from an excellent restaurant in a nightclub called Medina. There are no windows, which for us added to the atmosphere, and the room itself is large, well spaced out and free from any external noise.

The stage is in the nightclub itself, but it is a very professional set-up, with lighting and a proper sound desk so there virtually no limitations to what you can do with it (within reason). The staff are also excellent and know how to operate it, and are extremely helpful and understanding to get it set up quickly while you're in a rush organising everything else. The stage isn't massive, but it can fit 3 or 4 people on there if you are a sketch group, but the room is set out in a slightly weird way. The crowd are around the stage, and the room doesnt go back too far, except on the left hand side. This actually made for great shows when there were few audience members as they were all very close to the stage, but meant that some people were quite far away when the room got full and had nowhere to sit. But these are luxuries to dream of.

Staff: Incredible. Most supportive and helpful staff anywhere in Edinburgh. Can't fault them for 1 second. They put posters up round the venue in prominent positions, always on hand if needed and made us feel extremely welcome in their venue.

We only advertised our show in the free fringe brochure and had 1 giant poster up in Edinburgh, which didn't help. We never went in the main brochure, but may do next year. Audience in the first week was quite low 7 - 20 crowd. As we got better with flyering, audience numbers picked up. I approached people with the phrase 'do you like a bit of filth in the afternoon?'... which most people responded well to and meant that we sorted out who would be up for the type of show we were providing (which was quite dark). Best place to flyer is round in the courtyard of the Udderbelly 2 hours before the show and onwards. We always had audience and by the end of the run we were regularly getting 30 people and the last couple of days hit 60. We were on in the wrong timeslot for our kind of show, which didn't help, but that was purely my fault, as my comedic persona changed quite a bit from when I was given the slot by PBH.

A lucky 4* review also helped audience, but not because anyone actually read the review, more because we stapled it to our flyers and people realised it wasn't a going to be a terrible show. Weather made little discernable difference to audience numbers.

Only problem with the venue is that it is a little bit away from the Royal Mile and the main hub and a lot of people coming to the area have specific shows to see, but if you flyer well, it isn't a problem.

I loved my show. Most of it worked. I want to bring it back next year with a few tweaks to make it feel more like a show, and less like 2 sets, one after each other. Although it did develop throughout the run and we got some excellent feedback from people, even saying they enjoyed ours more than Stewart Lee and that it was something different, and we delivered on our promise of pure filth. The main thing I want to change next year is get a later timeslot so some audience members will be drunk and the material won't seem so out of place.

Buckets were decent. Nothing amazing. Average of £2 or so per person tops. I will work on a better bucket speech for next year and that should increase our yield.

I really liked our venue, the way it was run and everything. The only thing is audience were a little low on numbers sometimes, but I think that had to do with our material being a little our of place at 3:50 in the afternoon. Venue captains were great and shows ran very smoothly. Just make sure you leave your belongings in the sound booth and not the cloakroom, as it isn't locked and my friend had something stolen from there. In the soundbooth it's much safer.

Thanks Medina! Great venue and looking forward to popping by next year