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Free and Freakin Awesome: Bannermans

Postby Ro Campbell » 21 Jun 2010, 23:25

I've only just realised I hadn't written a report here, but better late than never.

I ran a showcase at Bannerman's in 2009 at 17.30 daily. I had different guests every day and was very proud of the quality of show produced. Guests I had included some of the UK's top Headliners and stars of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, Mock The Week and Last Comic Standing to name a few. Tom Stade, Mick Ferry, Gav Webster, Carey Marx, Nick Doody, Matt Kirshen, Jamie Kilstein, Carl Donnelly were just some of the great comics who came and played there. And the reasons for that were probably threefold, firstly because I know these guys and asked them as a personal favour, secondly because even great established acts such as these need decent opportunites to promote their own ticketed shows, and thirdly and quite importantly, word got out that the room at Bannerman's was a great room to play comedy and that my show was attracting good numbers. Even established acts are up for gigging for pure the joy of it at the Fringe. That's what the Fringe is all about. And I'm proud that my show at Bannerman's was able to inspire this.
The set-up at Bannerman's is really professional given that it is one of Edinburgh's year round Live music venues. There is a nice stage, not too high, a perfectly adequate lighting rig with spots and an excellent PA with desk. Combine this with it's unique, musty, Rock'N'Roll vault-like atmosphere, and the vibrational residue of hundreds of punk and metal gigs that seems to ooze from the walls and you have exactly the kind of setting you want for magical fringe moments to unfold.
To cap it off the staff at Bannerman's, although all looking like potential serial killers, are actually super cool and helpful and the pub is a quality place to hang long after the shows are over.
Result: I am very happy to be returning to Bannerman's again this year with the same format and look forward to continueing it's success.
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