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Banterland at The Rat Pack

Postby nicola.bolsover » 03 Jan 2010, 22:17

Hello there!

Firstly, we'd like to say a big thank you to PBH for having us. Secondly, a big thank you to Marc and Denise at The Rat Pack for being awesome and listening to us ramble on every day. Thirdly to Steve of Hoopla for being an excellent venue captain and getting our venue looking great. Fourthly to Laura Lexx, Anna Griffiths and George Weightman for helping us out when Ben had to unexpectedly leave. And lastly a massive thank you to SDFVA at University of Kent for supporting us.

We had the first slot at The Rat Pack, starting at 3.10pm and found we had a few problems with regards to getting a lively audience in. Even when the room was full the audience were still a little reserved and few were buying drinks. We had to adjust our show to involve more audience chatter and even bribery with sweets (needs must). So if you get this spot next year - be prepared!

Flyering was a little awkward as not many festival-ers meandered the streets by The Rat Pack. Following a suggestion from Hoopla we started flyering at the half price hut, which proved fruitful. We also found that t-shirts helped, as did being happy and friendly. Also, there's a slight platform around a tree outside The Rat Pack, which we found quite useful when stood on and shouted from, soapbox style. Consider flyering essential (we went without flyering one day and suffered the consequences with a tiny audience).

Our show was intended to be a bill show with four stand-up comedians taking it in turns to compere each show and the other three performing 15 minute sets. After the first show we realised how quiet an early-afternoon audience are, and adapted the show to suit. We all stayed on stage for the hour, taking it in turns to do shorter sets, and adding much-needed side banter to each others' material. This was the best thing we could have done because it kept the audience on their toes and created a more personable feel to the whole show. There's no point trying to do a very performance-y show at this time of the day (here, at least) because the audience don't respond to it; this spot's probably best for a more conversational show that involves the audience.
The audiences were always polite, and often willing to get involved.

We had to cancel one show due to an absence of audience, but for the most part had a reasonable number and a good reaction, including a 3* review from Three Weeks.

All in all, we had a fantastic time, and Laura Lexx and I hope to return in 2010, with a new show.

Our thanks to PBH, once more.

Nicola Bolsover, for `Banterland`

PS. Be wary of the store room at The Rat Pack where you dump your bags - my purse (and maybe camera) got stolen from there during our performance.
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