The Glitter Kittens in The Free Caves, Free Cave 1

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The Glitter Kittens in The Free Caves, Free Cave 1

Postby theglitterkittens » 06 Dec 2009, 23:07

Hi there

In terms of feedback, we absolutely loved being a part of the free fringe. We fully believe in the ethos and the community spirit, and feel that we offered a different kind of show for that venue.

We did have problems because the caves, or Free Cave 1, was incredibly wet and the stage was soaked each day. For a burlesque show that requires throwing garments and props around, and dancing on ballet point shoes, we ruined a few of our expensive pieces. We did get round this partially because the bar manager allowed us to borrow some of their rugs from the reception area to dance on, but it was a real problem. The atmosphere of the caves, however, was perfect for this kind of thing and the staff were lovely.

We were only there for five shows, but we tried to help out as much as we possibly could - guiding people into following shows when the hosts or acts hadn't arrived on time, cleaning up the following day for the first fifteen minutes of our own show after a late night cabaret show has left a mess, etc, but we found that following shows didn't help out or hold the bucket once.

The location of the venue was perfect and the tech set up good. I think it'll definitely work for future fests, but could do with having the water issues in Cave 1 addressing.

We loved it. Thanks for having us as art of the fringe. xx
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