goldenanorak - unzipped - at the Mercat Bar 5.20 - 6.20

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

goldenanorak - unzipped - at the Mercat Bar 5.20 - 6.20

Postby goldenanorak » 27 Nov 2009, 07:24

The Mercat Bar is defintely one of the better venues at the Free Fringe. A great room for both sketches and stand-up - which is lucky as this was exactly what we were doing.

If you put the tram chaos out your minds, and hope that in 2010, they will have filled in the huge holes in the ground that seemed to surround the venue then you will definitely have a good experience of performing here.

As you are out of the very centre, audiences will fluctuate wildly. Some days we had 35 people, others just one. Mostly around 10-15 people. It is a good place to cut your teeth.

The Mercat has comedy on throughout the year and has a loyal clientele who will probably stay a while and see you. The staff were very good.

In terms of flyering, the Royal Mile is perhaps too far for general handing out. However there were some audiences who made the trip after seeing an act on the open air showcase stages on the mile.

A much better strategy is to make sure you have all the hostels and hotels near the Mercat have your flyers. This part of Edinburgh is a place where many people stay when at the Fringe and so they can take a punt on your show because it is so near.

The Mercat also offered us a 10% off scheme. This we placed on our flyer. If it was presented to staff - they received 10% off food and drinks. This was very very helpful. It gave us something else to say when we were selling our show.

Best place of all to flyer was around the venue an hour before. The half price ticket booth is also a good place as it is closer than the royal mile and has a more receptive audience of people looking for economical solutions to their entertainment needs.

Looking to 2010. I think that when the tram chaos is over, this will become an even better venue.

The quality of the 2009 free-fringe was so high, I don't see how the guilded balloons of this world can really compete.
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