'And Bosnich is off his Line' - The Globe - 13.45

Performer reviews of their venues/shows/experience in 2009

'And Bosnich is off his Line' - The Globe - 13.45

Postby liamwilliams » 03 Nov 2009, 17:23

This was our first year on the Free Fringe. We found the whole application and preparation process very easy. We were a bit worried when informed that our venue (Nicol Edwards) had flooded and we would have to be moved, right before the beginning of the fringe, but the whole thing was dealt with perfectly. We arrived on day one to find all the performers at the new venue (The Globe Bar) clubbing together and getting things set up.

The venue turned out to be decent enough. The landlord was a bit indifferent and arsey towards to us at times, but generally he and the staff were accomodating and fair play to them for taking on such a big (although lucrative) imposition at short notice. The room was a bit small, and on some days we were turning people away but we managed to get about 50 sweaty people crammed in. It wasn't big enough to do sketches, which was a bit of a shame.

On saturdays we had to move down the road to the caves, and because we were on earlier, noone knew about it, so we didn't get much of a crowd. It was a decent space but the mic and PA were awful, although we weren't there on set-up day so maybe we missed a vital instruction on how to operate em properly.

All in all, a great experience: we found pulling a crowd very easy, and received really generous donations, and found the other FF performers charming and helpful.
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