Comedy at the Grape, 5.45, The Grape

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Comedy at the Grape, 5.45, The Grape

Postby Sarah Pearce » 01 Nov 2009, 12:10

'Comedy at the Grape' booked stand ups and sketch groups to perform five-ten minute spots.

The Grape was on the corner of St Andrew's Square (the other side of Prince's Street, but only a five - ten minute walk from The Royal Mile). Flyering on this square was great in the half hour leading up to our show, but we quickly learned that the rest of the day needed to be spent flyering on The Royal Mile/Half Price Huts; places where people were planning their days.

The room was huge and when packed, there was a great atmosphere. On the days we got 20-30 in, though, it felt a little empty.

Staff bent over backwards to help us but the Bar Manager mentioned he'd have liked to speak to someone a couple of weeks before the run, just to have an idea of what would be happening - I've taken that on board for future.

Fridays and Saturdays were the most difficult days, since this is when the restaurant was open. The pub got very busy and there was just a curtain separating it from the performance space. This wasn't as bad as it sounds though - the acts waited to go on stage in the noisiest area, but the audience were round a corner and shielded from most of it.

All in all, a lovely run - thank you to everyone who made it so special: bar staff, fellow free fringers and, of course, all the fantastic acts.
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