Misery Eats Company -The Rowan Caves (Cave 1) 11pm

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Misery Eats Company -The Rowan Caves (Cave 1) 11pm

Postby Leah Rudick » 23 Oct 2009, 23:42

Misery Eats Company
Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting
Rowan Caves, Free Cave 1

We felt very lucky to have the venue and time that we got. Our sketch comedy is very theatrical and I'm not sure if our show would have been as well received if we had to perform in a corner of a bar. Cave 1 was as perfect as we could have asked for in a free venue in terms of a stage space and audience space. We worked fine with just audio transitions between sketches because there was no way to dim or shut off the lights during the show. We were really grateful to have the panel onstage that created a little "offstage" bit. (thanks Sunken Luggage!) We averaged probably 50 people a night (it was between 30 and 100 people every night) by advertising on the royal mile and then picking up people right before the show.

Our main beef with the venue was the fact that the shows in the "competing" caves were on at the same time. The audience was often confused which cave they should be going to. Every so often we found that people that they wound up in the "wrong" cave because that cave happened to open their house first. A few times there was a sound bleed from the other cave but after talking to them after the first night is wasn't really a problem for us and the audience understood it was a free show.

One other note is that we were usually the last show of the night and many times it fell on our shoulders to clean the cave which was full of litter by the end of the night. Our venue captain Todd Womack was really great about trying to get people to clean after their shows and once those emails were sent we saw a vast improvement, though if people worked together more it would have been a more pleasant experience for both performers and audience. No performer likes a dramatic silence to be broken by a tipped over bottle. and audience members appreciate not sitting in a pile of trash.

We loved the location and the ambiance. (not everyone can say they performed near midnight in a haunted cave) Every other show we saw in the caves was great and we could wholeheartedly recommend to people while passing out the free fringe program. The bartenders were fantastic. And one of the biggest perks was the use of the storage room for props and costumes. If we use it again I would say that we could better organize it between shows since some things got lost and reappeared throughout the run.

We had an incredible time being a part of PBH's Free Fringe! We got reviews and press we brought back to the states. We'd love to do it again and we are recommending it to our performer friends in New York. Thank you to all!
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