The Phoenix report from Jimmy Frinton

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The Phoenix report from Jimmy Frinton

Postby Jimmy_Frinton » 14 Oct 2009, 04:52

We were at the Phoenix with the "Jimmy Frinton Barmy Bingo Show" during the first 8 days of the fringe this year. Our slot was 4:50-5:50pm.

We had a great time, and were very well looked after by the friendly staff who could not have been more helpful. This is a great cellar bar venue with its own entrance.

It is a little off the beaten track (only 5 minute walk to the crowds!) so doing an early show here did mean our audiences varied between 2-20 and the average was probably 8-10. You really do have to work hard to get a crowd and however hard you think you have to work then double it. Last minute punters dragged in off the streets made about 75% of our audiences. If you can't flyer or don't want to flyer then don't do Edinburgh! It's hard work but worth it (just!)

At our time there was very little passing "traffic", you need to work the corner at the top of the street where York Place, Cathedral Lane and Broughton Street meet.

The Free Fringe brochure was a real help, so make sure you do your share handing these out.

Weekends were of course busier and a little easier (Fri/Sat/Sun) we noticed people really looking for a show and open to suggestions and ideas. Weekdays there were less tourists more offcie workers and so it was harder to get a crowd.

If we were here again I'd probably try a slightly later slot and be prepared to work even harder on the promotion/flyering ;)

...But thanks again to all who made our first Edinburgh experience possible!


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