A Big Egg! 2: Stand-up Show! @ The Illicit Still

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A Big Egg! 2: Stand-up Show! @ The Illicit Still

Postby Ben.Verth » 12 Oct 2009, 16:55

This was the first year for the Illicit Still as a fringe venue and despite little problems here and there it can be counted as a massive success.

A Big Egg 2 was one of five shows perfoming there and every night bar one was packed out - all seats taken (40) and standing at the back (20+). The room is quite a long one with the purpose-built stage at the end of the room. The stage is an attractive one, curtained in red with a spotlight to highlight the performance space and give the place a real professional air. The PA was excellent with sound reaching all areas of the bar.

The bar staff and managers were all pretty helpful (owner Brian especially a trooper spedning every day in the bar watching the shows) and keen to become a venue again for 2010.

The only niggle about the place is that, as has been mentioned by another group using the venue, it is a little out of way (though not as far out as other venues like Voodoo Bar or mercat Bar). Tollcross is, despite only being 5 minutes from the Fringe hub of the Gilded Baloon and Udderbelly, an area traditionally not assocoiated with the fringe, more residential and filled with small businesses. But our show was always full because of our pretty comprehensive flyering campaign on the mile and surrounding areas, handing out the Free Frine booklet and higlighting the handy map on the back to help people get to the venue. The Yorkshire Comedians got similar numbers to us showing that moving forward in the future the Still should be used for multi-act shows so that the larger the number in the group, the more people out flyering and promoting, and the more chance of getting people in the door.

The place is really only suitable for stand-up though. As good as the pub is, it is on the small side and a sketch show would really struggle to work in the space.
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