A Big Egg! @ The Canon's Gait

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A Big Egg! @ The Canon's Gait

Postby Ben.Verth » 12 Oct 2009, 16:39

This is my third show in the 14.25 slot at the Canon's Gait and as with the two previous years it was a great deal of fun and a brilliant success.

The venue itself is a gift; central, well-known and seconds from the busy main fringe thorougfare of the High Street so getting an audience in was never a problem.

The staff of the pub were very supportive and were keen to help if any problems arose.

A Big Egg was a sketch show and there was a good backstage area, if somewhat unconventional - the ladies and gentlemens toilets, though the pub had these closed to the public so you were able to keep your stuff there without interference.

The stage itself is small and uneven but we used the greater front area as well. The only grumble re the performance space is that there is an incredibly obtrusive load-bearing lintel that can sometimes obscure with shadow the faces of taller performers.

On the whole though the experience of putting on a show at the Canon's Gait was a great one and thank you to Richard Sandling who would police our show after his own, flyering for us and regulating the crowd.
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