Some Comedy (in a cave) - Rowan Caves 1, 4:45pm

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Some Comedy (in a cave) - Rowan Caves 1, 4:45pm

Postby gareth morinan » 11 Oct 2009, 15:36

All in all it was a good run, we were happy with how the show went, and the audiences we got. We got on average about 30-35 people each show, with about £1 per audience member in the bucket. No reviews, but we made precisely zero effort to get reviewers in.

We did a show every day, and for the first 10 days we did a second show in the 3:30pm slot (to fill in for a drop out). Doing a second show was a bit hectic, but because it was immediately before our other show, in the same venue, it was much less hassle than it could've been.

So, good and bad things about the caves:

1. Stone's throw from the Royal Mile, easy to get people in
2. It's a cave! Our sales pitch was literally just 'Free Comedy, In a CAVE', and a lot of people were drawn in by the fact it was in a cave
3. The room itself is dark and atmospheric, good for stand up comedy. Also as its underground people can't get phone reception, which is always useful
4. The Caves manager (I've rudely forgotten his name) was a lovely guy, who was always helping sort stuff out - before one of our shows he was running around trying to construct a new mic stand for us out of various old mic stand pieces


1. Cave 1 is dark and WET. So its hard to see rubbish on the floor, and when you do its normally been there for a while and is soaked in cave juice. We did a clean up job at the end of the month, and that was good, but if we had the venue next year I'd suggest trying to get people together once a week to clear out the rubbish.
2. Some of the other reports mentioned the problem of sound disturbance from the other cave, and I agree we. We occasionally heard stuff from Cave 2, and I was constantly getting up to close the door whenever audience members had left it open to make sure we weren't disturbing the other performance. But I think if people just bear that in mind, maybe announce at the start of the show to the audience to try and keep the doors closed.
3. I don't the bar made as much money as they'd hoped. I tried my best to remind audiences to get drinks, but the problem is people go there for the show, then leave, often never buying a drink. There isn't really enough room in the bar area for a group of people to sit around and get a drink after a show has finished.
4. We found it hard to get people in from off the street outside the caves. We did get some people, but generally our time was better spent flyering on the mile. Also there was a tour that went right by the entrances to the caves every day, and every day we would try to flyer the 30 tourists on the tour, and rather depressingly they would all be completely uninterested. However, having said that, it was much easier to get people in compared to my venue last year.

Looking at this now I realise I've written much more under 'BAD' than 'GOOD'. But that's only because I want to highlight the problems of this venue, because all in all it's a FANTASTIC fringe venue, and hopefully it will be back in action next year. And if everyone performing there is aware of the (relatively minor) problems it should work even better. And Todd Womack should be thanked for doing an excellent job captaining the venue.

PBH - thanks again for the opportunity (and also for giving us the extra show for the first 10 days, that was brilliant)

See you next year!
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