99 Club - Voodoo Rooms - Jim Woroniecki

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99 Club - Voodoo Rooms - Jim Woroniecki

Postby 99club » 08 Oct 2009, 20:45

Very nice room and you can really tell it's a venue year round - more of a "proper" venue than most of the places the Pleasance runs! Excellent sound and lighting systems, extremely powerful air conditioning, raised stage etc. many of the performers who were doing short spots at our gig had shows on at the Big venues and many of them commented on this (and one commented on how much nicer it was than when he'd played it as a paying venue some years previously!)

Overall the shows were very good and we well on numbers. However it may have been too late at night for a free entry variable bill show - we noticed that on sunday nights quite a few of the people with jobs to go to the next day watched the first three comics then left at the interval. This also exposed one tricky thing with the room - people naturally gravitate to the couches at the sides of the room which means if you have smallish numbers in you'd have almost no atmosphere unless you can cajole them back to the centre.

The get in was quick and painless - everything was there for us so there was little to do. One point to note though - it turns out that if you have an 11am get in quite alot of the performers will still be asleep!

Big props to all who did turn up though and in particular to David Kelly and Gemma Leader, the latter of whom did most of the hard work side of organising the venue, in the absence of an official Venue Captain.

Not as much time to watch other shows as I would have liked, but saw Afternoon Tea, very full and a very good show.
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