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99 Club -White Horse - Jim Woroniecki

Postby 99club » 08 Oct 2009, 20:13

Overall a very enjoyable run. Very good numbers, very good shows.

The get in at the start of the run was a bit of a nightmare - I was there from the start at 1.30 I think it was, right through till 8.30 in the evening when I went down the road to the Canon's Gait for the Free Fringe party.

The biggest issue was chairs - this had come up last year as well, but although most of us had been there last year I think there was a general sense that someone else must have it under control till we all turned up and found nobody did!

It was sorted in the end with contributions from St Patrick's Church, The Kirk and the fella who lived upstairs at the pub (so technically this year the Free Fringe was sponsored by God).

Audience numbers were good throughout and overall there does not seem to have been any dilution effect from the £5 fringe or expansion of free shows. However we did need to have more flyering in the last week.

Nick Hodder worked darn hard and the whole delete the banjax lot were great, but man of the match would have to go jointly to Benny Boot and Chris Martin who were there pretty much the whole day, despite having to dash back and forth to their own performances elsewhere!

There should probably be more advance planning and emails between the shows at the venue next year to make things run a little more smoothly though.

Other shows I saw at the venue were Freestyle comedy and Delete The Banjax both absolutely excellent. Dee Custance had the slot before mine and while I never managed to catch more than the end of her show italways seemed good - and I was particularly pleased they were always great about finishing on time, clearing glasses etc.

One sad thing was that Richard Cray had a falling out with the bar staff and therefore sent a group email to all the shows late at night, two days before the end of the run to say he was talking all his audio equipment away! Fortunately James did a splendid job of sorting out some replacement stuff so the last day's shows could run as normal, but it was something I'm sure all the shows could have lived without.

The getout was a little bit disorganised - I think Danny Worthington was the only one to turn up on time (including me!) as other people weren't sure when it was. However everything got sorted and overall it was a good end to a great run.
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