The Mercat 2009

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The Mercat 2009

Postby jill.baxter » 07 Oct 2009, 10:56

Most of us enjoyed performing in the Mercat. The performance space is really good and the staff are helpful. We are wondering if we should scrap the spot between 6.30 and 7.30, however, as there were quite a few nights when there was no audience despite heavy advertising from Caroline Castiglia. The best attended shows were the late afternoon and night ones. We found numbers were down a little from last year for our show at 8 but this might have been due to the pub being quieter becasue of all the tram chaos. One problem for performers was over the weekends when people were put in the performance area to eat and were not really interested in seeing a show. Some groups were respectful but one night we had a group of 25 guys on a stag night who were disruptive throughout everyone's set. These shows could be awkward to perform as you felt that you were disrupting people's mealtimes. We all understood, however, that the pub needed the income from people eating. Overall, it was a good experience but we would hope the pub is busier next year as it's difficult to attract passers by in, being a bit out of town. Jill Baxter
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