The Holy Trinity at Madogs 1715

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The Holy Trinity at Madogs 1715

Postby ben_vandervelde » 05 Oct 2009, 11:00

Had a fantastic Fringe at Madogs. Location and slot were perfect for flyering a diverse crowd and we pulled in over 800 plus people over the three weeks.

Most probably through our own fault we almost didn't have a PA - so a lesson to all Free Fringers - never take anything for granted and always double check. Much thanks to the heroes who got us out of trouble. We also had to be extra nice to Anya who managed the place to let us use their DJ booth to play music, as some Free Fringes had damaged it in 2008.

Madogs was a wonderfully chaotic experience to compere when full. Once the capacity gets above 60 the crowd can be unwiedly and some of them hide in the top left corner, out of view. Sometimes these people joined in and sometimes, since they were quite detached from the action they started talking. In the last week some workmen also started working very noisily with drills at the back of the venue. This was a big pile of mental, but we struggled through it.

Overall I think Madogs is a very friendly venue and is ideal for stand-up comedy, being a basement bar. If there were a way of cutting off the top left hand corner and adding a little more seating, then it would become even better.

Looking forward to 2010
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