Eureka @ Illicit Still

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Eureka @ Illicit Still

Postby Eddie O'Dwyer » 01 Oct 2009, 00:49

I'd like to reiterate the comments of the other shows at the illicit still, Brian the owner and bar staff were all very helpful, hands on and supportive, it was greatly appreciated that they put in a rasied stage,curtains and new p.a. for the festival. They were right behind all the shows from day one. Great when it was busy, bit of a funky shape so sometimes it'd feel odd having people tucked in the far corner of the bar ignoring the gig. Thats the only issue and its a minor, totally uncontrolable one.
9pm time slot was excellent, and we have to say a big thanks to the big egg 2 show that was on before us, as often some of their audience made up half of ours. I was regularly surprised by the audiences that would appear 2nd or 3rd week midweek. Something of a miracle. We really enjoyed it, survived the grueling parts and I think I learnt more in those 3 weeks than I did in the whole of school. quite an education. thanks PBH.
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