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Abridged Fringe @Dragonfly

Postby M.Croser » 26 Sep 2009, 11:06

The venue were really helpful and lovely and provided us with a massive fan to keep the heat down.

It's a lovely little room and is perfect for playing to smaller crowds.

We had a very good PA system.

We only had to pull the show once due to lack of audience which was mid week during crappy weather.

In retrospect I should probably have had the show on in a mid-afternoon slot which I think would have been more convenient for the acts and made the show a better platform for plugging shows that would be happening later in the day. That said several acts did get good numbers of punters in off the back of doing a spot on our show.

Also I should have gone for a venue with a larger stage area to make allowances for sketch groups or acts who needed space for props/instruments etc., we got by be it did get a tad cramped from time to time.

Thanks to everyone who did a spot, sorry to anyone who got in touch who I didn't get back to, I had rather sporadic internet access during the fringe and was rushed off my arse most of the time.
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