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45 Minutes to Save the World - Dragonfly

Postby Nidal Agha » 25 Sep 2009, 13:04

This was a superb little venue just up from the Grassmarket. The staff and in particular, the owner, were all extremely helpful and very committed to making the venue as good as it could be; after each performance throughout the day they cleared the glasses, tidied the room, arranged the seating and put the on fan to help clear the air.

The other performers that I met at the venue were all very upbeat and positive - with Dave Gibson, David Mulholland and Alfie Moore being particularly helpful and supportive.

As these guys’ shows were all very popular it was not difficult to get the numbers in – and as this was a very small venue – it still seemed quite full with only 15 people.

Also the general PR and buzz this year around the Free Fringe was amazing - very much helped by the brochures which were extremely well distributed.

I bought a can and tried to sort better lighting – but didn’t manage it – although as it was such an intimate venue it didn’t make too much difference anyway.

A thousand thanks PBH for this experience and opportunity
Nidal Agha
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